Frequently Asked Questions

Will you play our requests? Yes always! We ask you for a   play-list prior to your event.  Our DJs are great at reading a crowd. From knowing what type of music to play and when, along with mixing requests made by you and your guests, you can be confident everyone will get to hear what they want.

Can we give you a Do Not Play List? Yes we recommend it! It's your event! If you don't want it played, we won't play it. Your "do not play" list is just as important as your request list.

How soon do we need to book your services? The sooner the better will guarantee availability. The months of May through December are our busiest times and are often reserved eight to nine months in advance.

Do you take breaks? Never!  You have our undivided attention and non-stop service from your scheduled start time through your scheduled end time. Each package price includes early arrival for setup as well as our breakdown time.

How many events do you book in an evening? Even though we have 6 DJs with setups, DRM Entertainment  never books more than 3 shows in any one given night. We believe in offering quality over quantity service. This allows us to focus on your needs for your special day.

How outgoing are your DJs?  At DRM Entertainment, our interactive level can be conservative or outgoing; It is your choice and is something we discuss in detail prior to your event.  At no time will our DJs take the attention away from our guests of honor.

Are you insured? Yes. DRM Entertainment is fully insured with a major insurance company.

Is tipping required? Tipping is never required, but always very appreciated. A tip would not be a tip if it was required.

Can we make payments on our balance?  We know that the cost of any event can be overwhelming, Especially if everything has to be paid at once. Clients can make payments in installments.

Are deposits required?
Yes a 50% deposit is required to book your date.

Do we need to feed the DJ? No. It is not required but remember we are at the event for 6-8 hours so it's up to you.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes. DRM Entertainment accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex, as well as cash and personal checks.

*There are always so many questions. Hopefully, these answered a few of them for you. Please feel free to call at any time with more questions or to set up an appointment to sit down and start planning your event.*